E-giving allows givers to set up
automatic, recurring gifts at
specified time intervals.


What is Online Giving?

You can give a one time gift or setup a reoccurring gift throughout our secure website.
Your gift can be deducted from your bank account once a month, twice a month or even weekly.

Why You Should Switch

  • People don’t use cash/checks as much as they use to.
  • No startup fees, no monthly fees and low transaction fees.
  • Allows givers to set up recurring gifts at specified time intervals.
  • ¬†Reduces the administrative burden on the church.

How Everything Works

  • Set up a one-time or recurring gift to a variety of giving opportunities.
  • If this is your first time, click “I don’t have an account” button.
  • To save your information for next time, please enter a password.
  • Then, simply confirm your gift and get on your way.